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Customized Listing Solutions

Listing where you Sell & Buy with us.
If your planning on selling your home, buying a new one within the Tri-county area and you use us to contract your new home, we will discount your listing for you to 3.5%
Listing Priced Below Market
If your ready to sell quick and we list your property five percent or more below our suggested market price then we will have reduced marketing costs that we will pass on to you.
Listing at Market Price
If you list at our suggested market price after reviewing our comprehensive market analysis then 5% is our standard rate.
Listing Above Market Price
List above but less than ten percent higher than market price. We can do that it will take a bit more time and promotion but we will get it done.
Listing for Top Dollar
Wanting us to go over and beyond the call of duty to make sure you get the highest price on the block, more than ten percent above market price? We will do all the extra marketing necessary to do just that.